Top 5 Cheap and Affordable TIG Welders to Start With!

Apparently, selecting a cheap price and being productive in working Tig welder online is now more complicated than ever. Especially, when the E-commerce websites are replete with hundreds of models of Tig welders. Uniquely, you can find an appropriate Tig welder by your own self unless you cannot take help from websites.

That is why we have tried to help you in selecting the best product for your workshop through this article. In this article, I provide you with a collection of the best 5 Tig welders after testing them out. Furthermore, also about their important features, advantages, and disadvantages and at the end about technical detail.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the article. Here is our editor’s best pick for Cheap & Affordable TIG Welder.


Top 5 Cheap and Affordable TIG Welders to Start With!

Having a cheap price and productive Tig welder is like a blessing in disguise. Not only it saves your money but also, it gives you unique features that enhance your expertise. In short, if you want to purchase a low budget Tig welder then you are at the right place. Because not only we will give you a collection of the best Tig welders. But also analyze their important features, advantages and disadvantages, and technical detail.

If you are still confused, click here, so you can learn more about the Tig welders. Also, how you can select the best Tig welder and what are their important features.

Henceforth, without further ado, let’s start.

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EVERLAST 160STH⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Amico TIG 160⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price

1.EVERLAST Power ARC 200ST 200amp

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The all brand new 200ST along with power arc is manufactured particularly keeping true professionalism in mind. To put it into another way, this Tig welder has been constructed and designed for advanced welding skills. Additionally, an IGBT inverter does not compromise on performance and on its design.

Furthermore, the welding unit has a connection port for welding shipyards, pipelines, and construction sides perfectly. Also, it works well on container vessels as well as any place needing the use of cellulose-based welding rods. Even more, it has enough power to push stainless steel and other welding rods with low spatter arc performance.

At the same time, the power Tig features auto-regulated arc force control as well as auto-adaptive Hot Start. In short, both these features work well for arc control welding purposes. Another key point, it has a dual voltage facility, and its output power is controlled by the front panel.

Above all, gas regulator and Tig torch help you well in aluminum welding. In last, the kit includes a ground clamp and stick electrode holder for enhancing its workability. Consequently, it is the best cheap Tig welder among all.

Key Features:

  • Workability: Smooth and Stable DC arc gives the best results for Tig/Stick welds.
  • Versatile: Also, it is very versatile in welding results. Additionally, it includes a variety of ports and enough welding power to push different welding electrodes easily. Likewise, you can also use it for different purposes and in different fields.
  • Auto-regulated arc force: This arc control provides ultimate arc performance between short arc situations.
  • Digital Display: Most importantly, it has a digital display to make it user friendly in working as well as a perfect current setting.
  • Auto-Adaptive Hot Start: It reduced rod sticking during starting to give clear and stable results.
  • Dual Voltage: The dual voltage gives you undeniably quick access to invert the voltage according to your project.
  • Accessories: Lastly, it includes a Stick electrode holder with 10 ft cable. Also, it includes 35 series DINSE- style connector Work Clamp with cable Consumable Starter Kit 35 Series Female DINSE Connector. 

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Product Detail:

Color Green
Product Dimensions 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches
Material Stainless Steel
Power Source DC
Voltage 240 volts
Amperage Capacity 140A
Accessories Dinse-style connector, female style connector, stick electrode holder
Special Features Auto-features, digital display, versatile welding capabilities, little welder
Customer Rating 4.0 out 5 and 47 customer ratings
  • Little welder
  • Useful for beginners
  • Automatic features
  • Digital display
  • Strong welding power
  • Versatile in welding capabilities
  • Dual voltage
  • Welder plus inverter
  • Accessories
  • No AC supported
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2.Stanley Power 119 120-volt 80-Amp DC Inverter Stick Welder

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In case, you are searching for a Tig welder involving IM discounts and different from ordinary features Welders. Of course, you will find but never better than Stanley Power. Most importantly, you have never need to find catalogues for increasing workability after this multi-process Tig welder. Especially in Stick, Tig and Arc welding manners.

Even more, it has dual voltage 110/220V facility which is comparatively quicker than any other Tig welder in this price range. Further, this 200amp power Tig has an IGBT feature that increases its work efficiency in a good way. At the same time, it offers you a digital display for maintaining order and stability during working.

Above all, along with unique features, this ultimate welding machine has an amazingly light 8lbs weight. Therefore, you can move it anywhere without any difficulty. Moreover, it gives comparatively high welding efficiency with 6013 and 6011 rods. Also, it produces 80 amps, in spite of its size.

Further, you can weld mild steel or stainless steel up to 5/32. In sum, features such as Anti stick, Arc Force, Hot start as well as auto thermal shutoff enhance its value.

Key Features:

  • Multi-process: 2 in 1 combo unit, particularly used as arc stick or tig welder. You can use both at 10-200 V separately.
  • Adjustable Knob: This adjusting knob helps you to set the supply of output current according to your projects.
  • Workability: In short, Arc welding is useful for the thickness of 2-8mm. While stick welding is helpful for .3 to 4mm.
  • Versatile in working: You can use it undoubtedly for welding alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper and chrome; however, except aluminum.
  • HF start-up: Most importantly, the high-frequency start-up increases the Tungsten life span. Also, it allows to strike the arc easily with high frequency. Lastly, it also helps you to establish an arc in different conditions.
  • Safe Design: It protects itself as well as its user. In the illustration, over/under voltage protection, overload protection and finally over current protection it gives maximum stability and durability.
  • Automatic compensation: The automatic compensation for output voltage compensation can work easily against input voltage fluctuation.
  • Wide application: It is feasible for manufacturing, machinery, sheet metal processing and automotive maintenance and many more.
  • Kit: The kit contains a cutting torch, cable, carry case, face shield, and chipper.

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Product Detail:

Model TIG200A
Voltage 220V±15% AC
Current range 10-200A
Pulse Frequency 50/60Hz
Fuselage material Iron
Efficiency 85%
Duty cycle 60%
Special Features High-frequency start-up, 60% duty cycle, 85% efficiency, protective
Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 and 6 customer ratings
  • Multi-process
  • Dual-voltage facility
  • Inverting option
  • Automatic compensation
  • Versatile in welding
  • Wide applications
  • Auto-adjusting capability
  • High-frequency start-up
  • Not for aluminum welding
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3.Hitbox Tig welder – Best in inverter Tig

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Are you searching for a Tig welder that can run on a generator? You are absolutely in the right place. In this scenario, Hitbox Tig welder is the best option for you that copes your needs very well. Even more, IGBT technology helps to use it as a transformer almost as redundant. Furthermore, it is also very light in weight. Henceforth, you can take it anywhere.

Most importantly, lower power usage leads you to save tons of energy. In short, you can also call it an eco-friendly welder. However, it cannot weld Aluminum because of not having an AC high frequency. Even more, also take care and use a drop cord to save the voltage loss.

At the same time, it also regulate the setting for better work efficiency.

However, this welding unit keeps itself cool along with adequate protection against over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current. Finally, its digital ammeters help you to adjust the various settings. While the pulsed-high performance welds to ultra-thin metals without having any deformation.

Key Features:

  • Digital Control: The digital facility helps you to keep the welding Tig in order. Further, it also saves itself from overheating, over-current and fluctuation of current.
  • Dual Voltage: The 110/220V facility helps you to adjust the voltage setting according to your project needs.
  • IGBT Inverter: This quick technology helps you to change the voltage in a quick way. While compared to MOS technology, greatly reduce the chances of a breakdown.
  • Inverter frequency: Frequency up to 100KHZ, mature technology and also provides stable performance.
  • High-Frequency Start-up: It starts the Tig with high-frequency arc and also increases the life of welding rod
  • Digital Ammeters: These meters assist in adjusting the different settings as well as make the view clear for voltage reading.
  • Multi-function design: It enables the welding unit to cope with every single requirement of welding for getting high results.
  • Accessories: An earth clamp, Tig torch, gas tube and electrode are included in its accessories for making it ready to use.
  • Performance: Litter spattering, easy arc ignition, good shaping and stable current are the indicators of its performance. 

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Product Detail:

Product Weight 18.74 Pounds
Product Dimensions 14.96 x 6.3 x 12.2 inches
Material Iron aluminum copper ABS
Voltage / Current / Voltage 110/220 V / 200A / 220 volts
Special Features Digital control, clear display, IGBT technology, multi-function
Accessories A Tig torch, convert line and plug, earth clamp, electrode holder, Tig torch consumables
Customer Rating 3.9 out 5 and 36 customer ratings
  • Pretty Accurate
  • Smooth arc
  • Digital control
  • Clear display
  • 60% duty cycle
  • HF start
  • Multi-function design
  • Dual-voltage
  • IGBT technology
  • Not for aluminum welding
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4.EVERLAST 160STH TIG WelderBest portable

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Everlast 160STH is an amazing welder for the people who are looking for a cheap Tig welder. This Power ARC includes an electrode holder and a work clamp with a wire of 10 feet for free-mobility. Further, benefits and features are portable and stable. Also, a shoulder strap for the easy holding facility. Moreover, this also offers a TIG torch along with a twenty-five-foot long cord.

The IGBT inverter is another key point that gives access to the dual voltage facility. So, you just need to turn the switch or choose the desired outlet for voltage setting. Most importantly, it also helps you to control the input voltage. Finally, digital display, Auto-regulated Arc, and Hot start turns its workability and efficiency to the next level.

Lightweight and portable:

It’s lightweight and shoulder strap gives you the freedom to move anywhere at any time without limitations.

Key Features:

  • Digital Display: The digital display helps you to manage the settings and voltage supply in an appropriate way.
  • IGBT Inverter: Also, this inverter offers you to adjust the voltage supply according to your requirements.
  • Foot pedal facility: It is useful for amperage control. To put another way, it improves the welding results by supplying proper input power.
  • Smooth DC Arc: Furthermore, Low power consumption and smooth DC Arc enhances the lifespan of welding rod. As compared to other normal welders, this feature also makes this Tig a great welder.
  • Auto-regulated Arc: Automatic arc force checks the Lift Start and Standard HF Tig feature for giving no spatter. Even more, it also adjusts the energy need during welding through the automatic flow of gas.
  • Hot start: Most importantly, It’s auto-adaptive hot start feature increases the efficiency of air striking.

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Product Detail:

Product Weight 36.8 Pounds
Product Dimensions 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches
Material Stainless Steel
Power Source / Voltage / Amperage Rating DC / 240 Volts / 140 A
Duty Cycle 35%
Special Features Dual voltage, aut0-adaptive start, foot-pedal facility, auto-regulated arc, IGBT inverter, digital display
Customer Rating 4.3 out of 5 and 48 customer ratings

Let’s take a deep analysis of its pros cons:

  • Dual voltage freedom
  • Lightweight and portable
  • TIG and stick welding facility
  • Low power consumption
  • No spatter
  • Digital display
  • Auto- adaptive hot start
  • Foot pedal facility
  • Weak carrying case
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5.Amico TIG 160DC TIG-Welder

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The Amico Tig-160DC works like a rectifier. Furthermore, it acts under the best inverter technology. To put it another way, it is supported by dual voltage facilities. Identically, it’s weight is only 26 pounds. Comparatively, it has more welding power than Lincoln LE3. In the illustration, the welding unit offers a concentrated arc as well as more stability. While going ahead it has the following features.

Firstly, it has a 60% duty cycle quick workability. Secondly, a lift-type arc start helps in smooth starting and working. Thirdly, a soft arch ensures flexibility. Fourthly, it is a multi-purpose machine. As in illustration, you can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, coppe easily. Finally, it works on 24-gauge sheet metal and ⅜ inch sheet plates effectively. However, in the end, it has the best possible features at a low budget.

Key Features:

  • Multi-use: As mentioned earlier, it does welding easily on Mild steel, Cast Iron, Chrome, Stainless easily.
  • Performance:  It gives amazing results in the fields of duty cycle, voltage control, and arc-quality competition.
  • Control Pedal: After buying a control pedal, you can take control over amperage supply. In other words, you adjust the power supply or input voltage according to your adjustments.
  • Powerful welding capability: It offers to weld ⅜ inch of above-mentioned metals very easily.
  • Dual voltage: Plug into any power supply and weld more comfortably.
  • Smooth arc- start: This well-customized welder gives a flawless weld, making spatter and post-weld cleanup almost non-existent.

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Product Detail:

Product Weight 15 Pounds
Product Dimensions 16.6 x 7.5 x 11.8 inches
Power Source / Amperage Capacity AC 110/230 Dual Input Voltage / 160A
Performance 60% Duty Cycle @ 160 Amp
Special Features Multi-purposes, Powerful welding capability
Customer Rating 4.3 out of 5 and 51 customer ratings
  • Multi-uses
  • Dual voltage supply
  • Lift-Type smooth arc-start
  • Strong welding capability
  • User friendly
  • High duty cycle
  • Flawless weld
  • No foot pedal and gas regulator included
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In a nutshell, there you go may find folks. Because above is actually everything you need to learn about a Tig welder.

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